Arts Engage


Arts Engage!, a group of staff and faculty at U-M dedicated to student engagement in the arts, is organizing two virtual student events for the series Something Silly. These events will combine the arts and humor for two evenings of creativity and laughter!

A Very Silly Tea-Tasting and Paint-by-Numbers Night

Thursday, April 8, 8pm EST

The first event will be hosted by UMMA's Student Engagement Council and will feature a comical tea-tasting along with a paint-by-number activity based on works from the UMMA collection.

This event has passed.

Lyric Swap

Thursday, April 15, 8-9pm EST

The second event will be hosted by Arts at Michigan's Arts Ambassadors and will feature student performers singing popular songs with new lyrics taken from the live audience!

This is a virtual event. Register to attend NOW!

The Something Silly series is created in partnership by Arts Engage!, Arts at Michigan, UMMA, and is co-sponsored by CCI.