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Blogging Opportunities

Want to be a blogger for Arts at Michigan? Come be a part of one of our writing communities that we've created as part of our Share Your Genius initiative - arts, ink.,[art]seen, and art/beat. Attend free arts events, meet interesting people, blog about them, and get paid for it.

arts, ink. is our blog about the arts and culture on campus. We are looking to employ undergraduate students interested in regularly writing columns about any genre of art (Music, Literary Arts, Visual Arts, Film, Dance, Architecture, and Theatre) that interests them! These blog entries can be about anything in your genre — the campus scene, student organizations, facilities, reviews, musings, museums, exhibits, announcements, on campus filming, mixed CD’s — all with the idea of cultivating student readers and getting them out of their rooms and involved in the arts!

Apply now to be an arts, ink. columnist

[art]seen a place for students to preview and review arts events on campus, and serves as a forum for discussing them.

Being a part of the art[seen] Reviewer Group gives you a way to go to great events for free, and be paid for sharing your thoughts in our online arts community. Applicants should be undergraduate students with a strong interest in both writing and attending and reviewing arts events!

Apply now to be an [art]seen reviewer

art/beat features Student Arts or Cultural Organization at U-M, including interviews and updates about the group. Our bloggers meet with students in those organizations to gain insight about their work and upcoming projects. You'll get to meet and talk to them, ask about their organization, its events, its members-- whatever you think is interesting! Great experience and a chance to meet some of the students who are helping make great arts events happen!

Email and let us know you're interested!

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