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2017 Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Summer Arts Scavenger Hunt is a fun summer activity and a chance to win an iPad Mini! All members of the U-M community are invited to play — faculty, students, staff, and friends!

We'll post a series of questions each Thursday from May to August. All the answers can be found online, but some require the clever use of a search engine. So type up your answers and submit them to us at the end of the summer.

See complete contest rules

Save your answers throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, we will post a Google Form for you to submit your answers through. Answers will be due by midnight on Sunday, September 3rd.

The Questions

2017 Summer Scavenger Hunt
  1. May 4: Q: Who was the first paid performer at The Ark? Which duet will be performing at The Ark on May 11? What is the idiom related to the name of this band? Which Oscar winning actress starred in the play with same name as the idiom?

  2. May 11: Q: Who is the Music Director and Conductor of the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra? Which sci-fi film series’ music will be performed by the Symphony on Oct. 7th? Which beloved character from this film series conducted interviews at the College of Engineering to discuss technology shown in the films? As noted in these interviews, what would you need to make a light saber?

  3. May 18 Q: What is the name of the artwork in New York City that is a nearly identical twin of U-M’s Endover aka “The Cube”? In what city does the historic place/event the NYC sculpture is named after reside? In what comedic family film does a character ask to see the basement there? What was the protagonist looking for in the basement?

  4. May 25: Q: Which artist curated the exhibition TEXT / IMAGE at The Ann Arbor Art Center? Which city is the curator based in? Which Ginger Ale brand, the oldest surviving in the US, was created in this city? What is the official name of the gnome mascot who adorns the bottles?

  5. June 1: Q: What revolutionary camera company was founded in Ann Arbor? In which Harry Potter film is this brand of camera used to take wizard photos? Which Muggle-born student owned the camera? Which composer wrote the last two Harry Potter movies music scores?

  6. June 8: Q: When did the Ann Arbor Summer Festival presented its first full season? How many people visit this festival every year? Which world-renowned acrobats will do their world premiere during this year’s Ann Arbor Summer Festival? What is their unique trademark?

  7. June 15: Q: Who will participate in “Fiction at Literati” on June 15th at 7pm? What animal is the recovering addict chasing in the book “We Could've Been Happy Here”? What is the name of the international public art exhibit featuring sculptures of this animal? Who was the artistic director for this exhibit?

  8. June 22: Q: Which Ann Arbor District Library program is designed for babies up to 24 months and their grown-ups to gather and play? Which DreamWorks Animation movie stars a baby who wears a suit and carries a briefcase? Which actor voices the protagonist? This actor won two Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards for his work on what television show?

  9. June 29: Q: What 2017 Oscar winning musical film is playing at the Ann Arbor Summer Festival on July 2nd? Which U-M Alum wrote the lyrics for the film? What memorable mistake was made at the Oscar’s involving this film?

Complete Rules

  • All answers are due by Sunday, September 3rd at midnight.
  • The Grand Prize, an iPad Mini, will be awarded at random from among those who submit the highest number of correct answers.
  • Other prizes will be awarded to runners-up.
  • The winner(s) will be notified upon selection.
  • Value of prizes may vary; no prizes are redeemable in cash.
  • Chances of winning depend upon number of entries received and increase with the number of correct answers submitted.

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