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2018 Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Summer Arts Scavenger Hunt is a fun summer activity and a chance to win an Amazon Echo! All members of the U-M community are invited to play — faculty, students, staff, and friends!

We'll post a series of questions each Thursday from May to August in our Arts Info newsletter as well as on this page. All the answers can be found online, but some require the clever use of a search engine. Hold on to your answers each week and submit them to us at the end of the summer via the online form we provide in the August 30 issue of Arts Info.

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Save your answers throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, we will post a Google Form for you to submit your answers through. Answers will be due by midnight on Sunday, September 2.

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The Questions

2018 Summer Scavenger Hunt
  1. May 3: Q: What is the name of the sculpture temporarily removed from the front of UMMA for construction? In which piece of Greek literature did the mythological character this sculpture is named after first appear? Who is the composer of the opera based on the second half of this piece of Greek literature?

  2. May 10: Q: Hill Auditorium hosted which artist in 1979 who is having his final tour this year? The name of this tour is based on a fictional element from what 1900 children's novel? What record did the film adaptation of this novel set according to the Library of Congress?

  3. May 17: Q: Which color was noted as "should be avoided" by the U-M Regents committee who decided the color representations for maize and blue for the University's 75th anniversary? What category do yellow and blue fall into on a color wheel? Which band is featured in the 2012 Sesame Street video about this category of colors?

  4. May 24: Q: Which annual Ann Arbor festival was parodied on Saturday Night Live? The SNL host featured in that sketch was also in what movie that was set and filmed in Ann Arbor? Which actor from that movie graduated with a degree in theater and psychology from University of Michigan in 1975?

  5. May 31: Q: Which three U-M School of Music, Theater, & Dance alum are in the original cast for the Broadway production of Mean Girls? Which actress, comedian, writer and producer wrote the Mean Girls film and updated script for the Broadway production? Which book inspired the Mean Girls screenplay?

  6. June 7: Q: Which Ann Arbor Summer Festival artist performed at the 60th Grammy Awards? Who were the composer and lyricist for the song she performed? The jazz percussionist who’s band originally recorded the aforementioned song performed in Ann Arbor at what venue in 1976?

  7. June 14: Q: Which children's book did The Metropolitan Museum of Art create using the words and images from a popular artist's paintings and letters? How many oil painted frames were created to make the 2017 animated film about this artist? Which musician wrote the 1972 hit song about this artist?

  8. June 21: Q: Which pop icon attended U-M with a dance scholarship for two years before moving to New York City in 1978? This icon starred in the film adaptation of what musical? The lyrics and storyline of this musical were based on which biography?

  9. June 28: Q: What award did the University of Michigan Ross School of Business Campus just win? Which of the other category winners is currently featuring Ben Haggard's painting-meets-social networking project FACES Santa Fe? Which modern artist’s home and studio can you tour in New Mexico?

  10. July 5: Q: Which Michigan-raised illustrators created a new animated series on The Disney Channel? What comic book series was created by the same pair? Which local organization puts on a comic arts festival each year?

  11. July 12: Q: Who was University of Michigan's first Fellow in Creative Arts? Which piece of campus architecture memorializes the individual who invited that artist to campus? What three instruments reside inside this structure?

  12. July 19: Q: What national accolade does the Ann Arbor Art Fair hold? Which U-M alum will be participating in the Ann Arbor Art Fair's New Art, New Artists program? Where can you watch artists demonstration their artistic techniques at this year's fair?

  13. July 26: Q: Which artist's paintings are thought to have been found recently in a storage locker? Which musical movement influenced the work of this artist during his time in New York? What literary classic was written during and about the same era as this musical movement?

  14. August 2: Q: What fashion brand, founded by a U-M alum, uses denim as a platform for creative expression and social commentary? Which world tour did this alum design work for? What Grammy winning artist just starred in her first fashion campaign?

  15. August 9: Q: Where at U-M can you find a sculpture created by an artist who was a part of the Contemporary Ceramics Movement? Which Italian opera did this artist design the set and costumes for? Which famous musical is based on this opera?

  16. August 16: Q: Which musician will be kicking off the opening of the exhibition Beyond Borders: Global Africa with a concert at UMMA? Which U-M Stamps alum featured this artist on a song called "Low Hey"? What video concert series featured this alum artist in 2011?

  17. August 23: Q: Which U-M alum artist created a public art installation called Ping Pong Plaza? Where can you find an exhibition on campus featuring this artist's work starting September 20? What gallery tradition does this location follow?

  18. August 30: Q: Which American singer, songwriter, and pianist's funeral will be held in Detroit on August 31? Which museum took part in a public viewing for this artist? Where on U-M's campus can you celebrate this artist by delving into a collection of her artistic output?

Complete Rules

  • All answers are due by Sunday, September 2 at midnight.
  • The Grand Prize, an Amazon Echo, will be awarded at random from among those who submit the highest number of correct answers.
  • Other prizes will be awarded to runners-up.
  • The winner(s) will be notified upon selection.
  • Value of prizes may vary; no prizes are redeemable in cash.
  • Chances of winning depend upon number of entries received and increase with the number of correct answers submitted.

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