Other Sources of Funding

Arts Alliance
  • Type of Funding Available: Arts Projects Minigrants and Professional or Organizational Development Minigrants.
  • Description: Awards are up to $4000 for locally developed, high quality arts and cultural projects that increase public access to the arts.
  • Type of Funding Available: Funding for Interdisciplinary Student Projects + Research
  • Description: Awards are up to $1000 for projects. Project must be interdisciplinary (involving more than one discipline), with art as a primary focus. This may include projects that involve visual arts, design, architecture, literary arts, theatre, dance, film, performance and music. A wide spectrum of involved disciplines is encouraged (i.e. engineering and dance; biology and music, etc.). Project component funded by ArtsEngine must be realized by June 2018. Project should demonstrate campus and/or local community impact. Projects are expected to be student-led, although faculty and staff can participate as team members.
  • Type of Funding Available: Hillel provides group funding for Hillel affiliated groups. It may co-sponsor events with other organizations under special circumstances.
  • Description: There is no limit to funding. Non-Hillel affiliated groups should contact Hillel before applying.
  • Type of Funding Available: Only graduate individuals may apply.
  • Description: Rackham provides and facilitates many different scholarships and grants to eligible students. These sources of funding range from a $3,000 grant for research, to emergency and travel grants.
  • Type of Funding Available: Graduate and professional school individuals may apply for the fund for performances and exhibitions; undergraduates and graduate individuals may apply for the fund for film and related programs.
  • Description: International Institute offers many different opportunities for funding and grants for both Undergraduate and Graduate students. Specifically, the International Institute Fund for Performances, Films, and Exhibitions provides support for performances, films, and related programs, exhibitions, etc. that make substantial contributions to international learning on the U-M campus and beyond. The international Institute offers funding for students based on different geographical areas. This funding can help with travel expenses, research, or workshops/events.
  • Type of Funding Available: LS&A Student Government provides group funding for student organizations registered with the Michigan Student Assembly.
  • Type of Funding Available: Funding for undergraduates and graduates, individuals or groups is available.
  • Description: Student Academic and Multicultural Initiatives (SAMI) gives funding for academic multicultural exhibits or presentations. $0-$1000 to groups, $0-$500 to individuals.
  • Type of Funding Available: Graduate and undergraduate individuals may apply.
  • Description: Students mast fill out a FAFSA form and qualify for financial aid OR apply for/receive a scholarship. Students must attend the UM at the time and use the funds during the term. The Office of Financial Aid also provides directives to outside, private funding for UM students.
  • Type of Funding Available: The Student Organization Grant for Diversity Programming is open to U of M registered student organizations interested in applying for grant funding.
  • Description: The Grants Committee will provide funding support for programs intended to empower and build community in underrepresented or marginalized communities, with emphasis placed on race/ethnicity. Maximum funding: $1500 per semester or $3000 per organization per academic year.
  • Type of Funding Available: MSA-registered student organizations are eligible to apply.
  • Description: The Student Organization Grant Program provides financial assistance to clubs/organizations who are committed to assisting in the first year transition of new students. Funding requests are limited to one per organization with a maximum grant of $500.
  • Type of Funding Available: Rackham Student Government provides group funding for graduate organizations.
  • Description: RSG does not fund travel or honoraria expenses, but it will fund other grad-related events.
  • Type of Funding Available: RHA provides group funding for housing organizations and activities.
  • Description: There is no limit to funding. RHA only allocates $1000 each year for non-housing activities.
  • Type of Funding Available: SAL provides group funding for student organizations that are registered with the Michigan Student Assembly.
  • Description: SAL is a good resource in finding even more funding sources for the arts.
School of Art & Design
  • Type of Funding Available: Undergraduate or graduate individuals and undergraduate or graduate groups may apply for funding.
  • Description: There is no set amount to funding.
  • Type of Funding Available: EXCEL Fund
  • Description: The School of Music, Theatre & Dance offers its student EXCEL funding, which is meant for student orgs, projects, events, and programs. See the website for different types of funding available.
Screen Arts & Cultures
  • Type of Funding Available: Must be an enrolled SAC undergraduate student pursuing a project for SAC departmental credit to quality
  • Description: The Department of Screen Arts & Cultures offers a variety of awards focusing in three areas: scholarly research and writing, film, video, television, or digital media production, and screenwriting.
  • Description: Each semester the Engineering Student Government allots a limited portion of its budget to funding allocations. Funding decisions are judged on measure of impact and cost. ESG seeks to fund the requests that most effectively improve the lives of engineering students campus-wide.
  • Type of Funding Available: Undergraduate individuals may apply for funding.
  • Description: UROP provides small research grants to mentors to cover the expense of low-cost equiptment and materials such as lab supplies, photocopying, telephone calls, etc. needed to support UROP student research activity, up to $500 per student.