People flocked to Hill Auditorium

People flocked to Hill Auditorium this past Saturday to celebrate the Michigan Bicentennial. Alumni from over the years came to speak at about where their maize and blue foundation took them. At the tribute, we saw appearances from Darren Criss, Sanjay Gupta, Cecilia Muñoz, and many more reputable names. (James Earl Jones unfortunately could not attend because of health reasons, … Continue reading People flocked to Hill Auditorium


It is finals time again and there is a distinct sense of panic and stress. It is expressed in the groans after a new paper is announced and in quick steps of a student running from class to class. In the libraries, it pervades like a suffocating heaviness in the air. Everyone is intently scribbling … Continue reading Stress


Paper… the easy medium of all disciplines, but yet so underappreciated. Paper, like humans, come in a variety of personalities and characteristics. Papers who are fancier in makeup, like vellum, or weak, like trace. But they all have memory of our doings- might it be a fold, a doodle, or scripture. No matter how many … Continue reading Memoir


The Michigan G-Men hosted an astounding a cappella and sung word concert in Rackham Auditorium last Saturday. Introducing the show was the talented and quirky Midnight Book Club improv comedy group. They began the night off on a single word volunteered by an audience member; the word “banana” served as the foundation for the entire skit. From the animated personalities to … Continue reading The G-MEN