Anything I can do, you can do better

*sniff sniff*

This is my last official post for a while.  The school year is ending and I’ll be abroad next Fall in fabulous New Zealand.  I’ll try to send you guys updates on the foreign art scene once in awhile. I’m going to miss writing for arts,ink.  It’s a great job that has encouraged me to explore such fabulous things throughout the year.

I’m hoping to spend this summer not actually looking for new art, but creating it.  My muse has sadly been chained to a chair in horrendously orange corner of my mind for most of the school year to give me a chance to actually get my assignments done, but come Tuesday her constraints will rust and she’ll be able to burst free from prison (with more grace than Superman could ever muster).  I’m expecting to spend good portions of next week sitting in a corner of the Espresso on State St and just write.  I managed to spit out 50K words in Nov and am aiming to write at least 75K this summer.  (I could try my November pace, but my muse was so tired she actually willing donned those chains and has yet to return to that still as yet unfinished story)

I also am hoping to do at least one photo shoot and spend an hour a day on a mural I’ve wanted to get started on ever since last year.  Who knows if I’ll succeed (most of my New Years resolutions have gone up in smoke) but I’m willing to try and make this a productive summer.  I mean, playing Frisbee and going to Ben and Jerry’s almost every day is a great summer plan, but what will you have to show for it at the end?  100+ pictures, all so similar that your entire summer could fit on a single page in a scrapbook?  Trust me, having a completed work of art work will make you feel much for accomplished.

Thus I challenge you to create something this summer.  It can be a single poem, it can be a collage of leaves from every town you visit, or maybe you just produce a sketch book full of doodles.  Either way, I want to hear about it.  And look on the bright side, you get to actually cheat and do some of the work come the Fall semester cuz I won’t be here to know any better ^_~

So far well (for now).  May you have a great summer full of good times and good art.  I’m curious to see what you all create.

Your muse chainer,



I'm a junior majoring in Communications and going for a minor in Global Media Studies. I love art, watching and creating, and have a really big weakness for chocolate. And German tea, what they have is much better than ours.

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