The Mixtape

As a sort of conditioning or pep-talk to myself, I’ve decided that my sophomore year of college at UofM will be a year of self-love, a year of self-acceptance, self-exploration, self-embracement, and being unapologetically “me” and all the things that coalesce into a hazardous, but lovely, marbled sector of “shared space” on the “Me” Venn Diagram. In an act of naive but confident resolution, I’ve decided I know who I am now and I am not willing to compromise that for any one person or any amount of necessity to capitulate who I am to the Sheeple Effect here at Michigan. If we’re coming down to brass tax, what I mean is I’m a boss-ass bitch. I’m a cool lady and I’m gonna “do me” this year. Sorry, mom.

Here are a few songs by female artists that are also bad ass bitches. These ladies belt and play their hearts out unapologetically in the face of a male-dominated industry that wants to shrink them into sexy, solo acts in lieu of Pop Top 20. These fierce musicians play on in their own unique styles that range from freak-folk to spoken word and kick ass the whole way there.

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3 years 11 months ago

You go, girl! I’m looking forward to reading many more inspiring posts by you this year 🙂