From the Heart of Chicago: Twin Peaks

Do you enjoy getting sloppy drunk and moshing to indie music? If so, then Twin Peaks are the dudes you’re looking for. This local Chicago band is bringing back rock ‘n’ roll with a vengeance. Their sound is raw, their live shows are raucous, and they have fangirls like you wouldn’t believe. Since the release of their latest album Wild Onion in the summer of 2014, they’ve toured with Wavves, released some sweet new singles, and are recording their upcoming album in the wilderness of Massachusetts. Cadien Lake James, the group’s charismatic frontman, describes the recording experience as “camping without food or shelter for weeks and recording with the sounds of jungle cats and dragons overhead.” Make of this what you will.

Twin Peaks have been major players in the Chicago music scene for years, dominating DIY venues such as Feel Trip and Animal Kingdom, tons of house parties, and legit venues around the city. Their early sound was gritty and low-fi, lending itself well to out-of-control parties and singlehandedly chugging a fifth of Jack Daniels. Recent singles have reflected a transition to more melodic grooves while Wild Onion serves as a timeless example of .

Wild Onion is a must-listen for anyone who needs a dose of good old-fashioned rock music. Though the songs resemble garage-rock legends such as The Strokes in length and sound quality, they are deceptively complex and intimate. ‘Mirror of Time,’ my personal favorite track on the record, is melancholic in all the right ways, intellectual, and catchy as hell. ‘Mind Frame’ was used on the set-in-Chicago TV show Shameless, and ‘Making Breakfast’ is just a damn good time. You’ll see what I mean.

Though they’ve quickly risen out of the Chicago music scene’s enclave and into international stardom through sold-out European and US tours, they’ve stayed true to their hometown and continue to play underground shows with bands such as The Orwells, The Boxers and The Lemons when they can. Having spent last New Year’s Eve at a Twin Peaks show in an abandoned church, sweaty, drenched in champagne inside and out and bearing a fresh cigarette burn on my arm unbeknownst to me at the time, I have served as living proof of Twin Peaks’ debauchery.

These dudes know how to get down and have a good time while also cranking out some serious tunes and focusing on their art between bouts of partying and touring. They’ve been friends of mine since high school I can vouch for the sincerity of their musicianship and talent. In today’s cutthroat music industry, it’s refreshing to see people with such raw talent getting the recognition they deserve. They’ve worked hard to get where they are, and I don’t see them going anywhere soon. Don’t miss out the Twin Peaks train, because it’s a fuckin’ party.

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