What’s The Deal, Winter?

So it’s the end of October, and the weather decides to be 31 degrees (Fahrenheit)?!?! Yes, we are in Michigan, and “Michigan Weather” is truly a thing… but is this really necessary? Why couldn’t we have had this cold front earlier in Summer instead of during Autumn? I will truly miss the warmer weather, longer daylight hours, and how pleasant our Michigan environment looked and felt throughout the warm days.
However, as an Autumn person, it is more favorable to have 40s-50s weather, so I can wear my sweaters, boots, scarves, and just anything warm and fuzzy! I love how all of the trees’ leaves look- red, orange, and yellow. But most of all, I love the way activities can be merged into this one season. For instance, it’s not too cold for ice cream, and neither is it too warm to wear cute coats! This is that one season where you can walk around campus without having to sweat too much, or shiver crazily!
Welp, in the end, nature controls all, so all we can do is just hope that this winter will not be as bad as the last two years’ winters, and that the weather will provide for us more pretty views on our campus, like the image featured in this week’s blog! As always buildings are made more beautiful when certain parts of the building’s features is accentuated by the weather somehow.


Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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