Finding Your Outlet

You know this feeling. I don’t like to even say the word because the more you say it, the more power it acquires…yeah, we all know it: stress. Let me tell you though, stress is a real thing, but to feel stress is a choice. Maybe your hair starts to fall out, you can’t focus on one thing at a time because you’re mind is expelling 360 degrees around you. Maybe you break down and cry. These are alternative ways to release the tension that has piled up inside you. However, I have good news. There are other, more pleasant ways to expel these feelings…that not only cleanse your mind of life’s stressors, but add some of life’s gifts.

So here’s how to find what stress cleanser works best for you.

Start with what you are given.

We have five senses. These are our connection to the world. Reciprocally, that is how we channel ourselves to the world. When we don’t channel ourselves to the world, our minds bottle up stress. For artists, they can put their thoughts into an image. For musicians, they put their thoughts into a sound. For chefs, they put their thoughts into a taste. Gardeners can put theirs into organized smells. For athletes, they put their thoughts into feelings of physical strength.

Pick a favorite.

You blast your music through your cheap white apple headphones on the way to class? You’ll pick your sense sound. Say you’re not terribly musically inclined, but you have an appreciation for music, so your outlet may be browsing soundcloud for 20 minutes between studying for subjects. So instead of screaming into your sweatshirt, you’ll find relief AND find new music! See what works for you.

Life’s too good to be stressed.


Welcome to my thoughts. This is how I sound.

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