Splurging on Finals…

I am currently working on my final project for one of my architecture courses. To be honest, with all of these projects in mind, homework to do, and upcoming exams to study for, I haven’t really thought of anything outside of those topics. So, for today’s blog, I will humor myself, in my finals mood, by writing this blog about my final project. More specifically, I will share my project’s presentation with you.
To begin, I will give an overview of the objective of my project. First, we were instructed to trace geometric shapes off of a map (which was provided by our instructor), then make those objects into a structure. Depending on our intentions on what we wanted that structure to be (i.e. a garden, school, playground, etc), we created our structure designs, and also planned how we wanted the landscape terrain (ground, as in grass) to be.
For my project, I felt that the shapes that I’d traced from the map made most sense as either a maze or a garden of some sort. Thus, I mixed these two ideas, into creating a “campus friendly’ garden. In other words, I intended for the majority of my designed structures to be the shrubs in the garden (which would double as walls to divide the different regions in my piece), and the other parts of my structures to be either seats or standing desks, where people could sit and relax with the scenery, or simply study privately, OR publicly with their study groups.
I guess in more professional terms, the purpose of my project was to explore:
1. Making a bland top view (bird’s eye-view) of my project be an adventurous surprise in its perspective view (the actual 3 dimensional view)
2. Making public (explicitly shared) and private (meant for dwelling of fewer people at a time) spaces interact along with the landscape (circulation encourages people to move around and interact via the hills and valleys)
3. Having a motif of nature throughout the piece (I have spaces opening up to each other to encourage traveling, people’s interactions, and have the natural elements (like the shrubs, grass, and sky) around to be constantly present (above, below, and sides) with the people in my space.
4. Versatility of my spaces and its amenities (wood structures can be used as seating or standing desks; circular section can be for group gatherings for projects or even for a bonfire).

Well, that’s all I have so far! Tell me what you think, if you have any suggestions! (I am currently still working on my pictures for this project, that’s why, unfortunately, no images could be placed with this post! But anyway, I do think that imagination is fun with these sorts of description!!)

Lastly, wish me luck! And I also wish everyone good luck with their finals!!!


Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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