Frozen with Finals…

Aside from thinking of architecture, these days, I’ve been having second thoughts about my classes for next year (and how I may or may not pass my current classes to get into them, but praying I do pass my courses). Thinking about classes for next semester, Since I will finally be getting into a studio (making stuff!!) course, I think I definitely made the right decision in picking the “more chill” courses to fill in my elective spaces, aside from my required courses.
What things do you take into account when choosing classes? I’m literally just curious about how everyone chooses their classes, as I am currently taking a break from studying for a final (gotta memorize 50 centuries’ worth of architectural history in two days!!).

I bet these are the thoughts people take into account (ranked by order)
1. Registration date… that darned fate :/
2. Required courses out of the way first!
3. How many credits do I need to fill up, to at least be considered a “full-time student?”
4. Is this even physically possible (i.e. North to Central campus in 10 minutes)?
5. Is this work load even mentally plausible, or will I just end up in tears every few hours?
6. Can I somehow get a “free day” within the week??
7. Will I be able to graduate with all of these credits, in the end?

Comment, so I can hear your thoughts, what you agreed with or would add to for this week’s blog!



Have a fun and safe Holiday Break, everyone! 🙂


Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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