Anxiety before Christmas

So we’re on Holiday Break, we’re with our families, and pets, and maybe seeing some old friends and relatives of ours. But, aside from this, we’re mostly trying not to stress about next semester, which is oh so very near. It is exciting, yet also kind of scary- finally being thrown into new courses, maybe without your usual group of friends, or even in a part of campus that you rarely inhabit! But relax, I know, cliché, for me to say it, but worrying about those things now will not help, in fact, it may only make your anxiety worse- I guess I’m saying this partially since I am experiencing this myself (like, it’s so weird that I actually don’t have anything to do, and I’m just used to being so busy so I feel like I’m missing an assignment that’s due in a few hours or something), and I just want to reassure others that may be feeling this way, that they are not alone in experiencing these feelings! Also, what I think is worse, is that since final exams have finally been taken, and we are literally just waiting for the darn grades to be revealed- and honestly, for some of us, this can be painful since we have required courses that we do not necessarily enjoy taking, and we may or may not be on the verge of having to retake those courses! Though, luckily, I am glad to be able to say this, since most of my attention was focused on one class (which I’m not even sure if I got an A in), and so I totally experienced this, but thank goodness for my undivided studying for those finals combined with a nice curve, since I got better grades than expected for my two verge-of-not-passing courses! Wishing you all the best of luck with grade notifications and next semester!


Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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