Stop Romanticizing the Suicide Forest

YouTuber Logan Paul has stirred controversy at the start of the new year after filming a vlog in Aokigahara, a forest in Japan that is a popular location for suicide attempts. Logan, who is 22, caught on camera the dead body of a man who hanged himself in the forest and made this the thumbnail of the since-deleted video. Worse, he and his friends reacted by laughing off the situation. The intense criticism he received led him to write an apology that notably focused on the intent of his actions rather than their impact. While this puts into question the boundaries of the new Internet celebrity in the digital age, it made me ask more broadly how Americans engage Japanese culture.

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Ana Lucena

Ana is a junior majoring in English with plans of becoming a lawyer if her writing career doesn’t take off. She is passionate about literature, film and comics. She also enjoys anime and K-pop and would be eager to discuss her favorites with you.

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