Inventions… which would you choose?

In architecture, vivid imagination and creative problem solving are essential skills. To exercise these skills, let us cooperate in a seemingly irrelevant activity together.

Imagine you are an owner of a new company and are in need of a new hit product to make your new company’s brand popular. Read the following hypothetical products and their descriptions and comment on which products you’d like to see live, or more widely distributed/manufactured!

1. Bubble tea vending machine (Basically a vending machine that only sells instant bubble tea)
2. Containers that repel and or kill bugs (Regular-looking container, may have a unique texture that repels or is poisonous insects (but is safe to humans)
3. Heated Massage Beanie (Basically looks just like a usual hat but the interior of it is electronically able or has special beans that can massage and or itch your head)
4. Adjustable heroic chair (Basically looks like an ordinary chair but it is structurally engineered to overcome forces of torque and shearing to avoid itself from ever falling or breaking)
5. Self-cooking container (Looks like a usual container but materials and structure are made to enable self-cooking technology)
6. “Electropocket” (As it sounds, charges your phone when you put it in your pocket).
7. “Cocky Cauldron” (A smart crockpot that announces out loud when the food in it is fully cooked).
8. “Nap mate” (A bedside rug/mat with alarm functionality).
9. App where people exclusively share and spread information about open social events (The app will have a calendar appearance in which users can click dates and add flyers for events happening in the city of their choosing. There will be different categories like nightlife, happy hour, networking, after work. Each category, once opened, will have a timeline of flyers or posts that users have submitted, giving users an array of options for possible plans).


Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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