Secret Life of Pups

My boyfriend’s dog is amazing. Ok, to be fair, she is not really a puppy, but rather, she is the size of a puppy. She is actually just 4 years old (I like to joke that she’s an old lady dog), a ginger schoodle! I’ve often wondered about the life of dogs. It’s always so sad for them to, each and every single morning, wake up early to do nothing, then wait for their owners to feed them at every meal, then spend the whole day alone without much to do, and then scream in excitement when someone finally comes back after the twelve hours of being alone. This puppy, aside from coping with mild form of depression from her busy human owners is very intelligent. She knows tons of tricks, she has the ability to get jealous (quite often actually), and she knows what she isn’t or is allowed to do, and is quite mischievous when humans aren’t around to monitor her activity.

All in all, what was the point of this post? Just to appreciate my boyfriend’s pupper 🙂


Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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