Lorde: Queen of Alternative Pop

Last week, I had the chance to see Lorde in concert in Detroit, with three of my good friends. It was my first “huge” concert experience, as the stadium was packed with thousands of screaming fans. I’ve been a fan of Lorde since she began gaining fame in 2013. Now a 21 year old, her personality, style, and music have grown exponentially since her introduction to the world at only 16 years old. Clearly she has always had a talent for songwriting, and it was very apparent that growing up had innumerable influences on her new music.

Personally, I like her new album Melodrama more than her debut album, Pure Heroine. She collaborated with big name musicians, and poured her soul into the songs. Evidently, her growth as a singer and as a person resulted in an astounding album, full of down-to-earth feelings and thoughts.

The concert was amazing–she performed a mix of both new and old songs to the delight of the crowd. She sang hard hitting anthems, such as “Liability” and “Buzzcut Season” as well as more uplifting songs like “Green Light.” A natural performer, her presence lit up the arena. Her stage set was carefully chosen, with lighting that worked to enhance the burst of emotion. The backup dancers performed flawlessly, even when lifted into the air within a dangerously tilted transparent box, which of course made Lorde’s performance even better.

It was probably my favorite concert I’ve ever attended. Being in a massive room surrounded by friends and devoted fans, even some middle aged parents, was an unparalleled experience. There was so much raw emotion in the air. Lorde knows her fanbase well, and it seemed that she honestly cared about their experiences. This concert was truly an unforgettable experience, and I’m so glad I went. I’m looking forward to whatever her future may bring.


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