Ode to Bojack Horseman


You’ve probably heard of the universally-acclaimed Netflix original show by now. The adult animated comedy-drama is getting ready for its fifth season this summer, and I couldn’t be more ready. People praise it because it is so real: a satirical take on Hollywood culture, Bojack doesn’t hold back on issues such as depression, self-destruction, and love. Each season has continued to get deeper and darker, reflecting on the human experience and the problematic society in which we live. Still, there are glimmers of hope and happiness which make the show purely wonderful.

Bojack Horseman, the titular character is evidently flawed. He’s narcissistic, humorous, afraid of commitment, yet excruciatingly honest. He is surrounded by other human and anthropomorphic animal characters, like Diane, Princess Carolyn, Mr. Peanutbutter, and Todd, to name a few. Each character is so unique and nuanced, showing that the show’s creators really took time to develop them as individuals.

In addition, social issues are prominently featured. Gun control, asexuality, addiction, abortion, politics, and feminism take a strong spotlight within the third and fourth seasons. Bojack’s writers are witty and brutal, which makes the show that much better.

If you want to laugh, maybe painfully so, cry your emotions out, or just chill to the amazing soundtrack, I strongly recommend watching Bojack Horseman. Perhaps you’ll even end up learning more about yourself as well.


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