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Fall break… it’s finally here, ya’ll!

We wolverines have been dying from the start of the school year with the conflicts between our ambitions, future aspirations, interpersonal relationships, and academic adjustments. Or at least, this is what most wolverines would say honestly, if you asked them.

We are toiling daily, barely living our lives here. Classes are a challenge, maybe feeling increasingly less so if we are adjusting appropriately, yet our hygiene suffers. We barely exercise, let alone shower, we get sick more easily, and (if lucky) eat a meal a day.  But I suppose this description of college life is different depending on who you ask; but generally everyone here is busy ALL the time, no joke.

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So, break is here. Chill guys!

Use this to actually take a break from everything; you’ll need this time to relax and refuel, as it is necessary to keep us from burning up from over-exhaustion. Yeah… sounds cliche, but things are cliche for a reason; typically because they’re true.

So, drop your homework, grab your buddies, travel, GET OUT AND HAVE FUN! LIVE YOUR LIFE! Even if that means staying indoors and marathon-ing Neflix shows, just do anything that you enjoy doing and have been abandoning for school for such a long time. Even if you’re a workaholic and decide to drop all of your responsibilities for just a few hours, hey, at least it’s still a few hours’ work of refreshing your own mind. Like the saying goes, “Time enjoyed is not time wasted.”



Freshman University of Michigan Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

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