Monday, 7:30 AM

The alarm blares, dragging my groggy mind back to a harsh reality: it’s Monday morning and I have to get to class on north campus. I quickly turn off the ringing and glance over my shoulder to make sure I haven’t woken up my roommate. I’m safe.

I roll over, carefully slinging my pajama-clad body over the side of the bed, my toes landing on the cold wood floor. I open the drawers of my dresser, begrudgingly selecting a sweater and jeans. After running a brush through my unkempt hair, brushing my teeth while my suitemates slumber, and lacing up my sneakers, I pick up my backpack and head out.

Moments later, I saunter over to the dining hall, a familiar morning welcome. There’s a spread of students enjoying a solitary breakfast. I grab a mug, filling it to the brim with hot tea. I load my plate with eggs, and plop down at an empty table.

Although no one generally likes Monday mornings, especially when the sky is still dark, I find these early minutes calming, and an opportunity to just relax before a hectic week. While I gulp down hot tea, I find a few seconds to clear my mind. Releasing stress and energy from the weekend, I feel my thoughts floating. It’s hard to describe, but I am free in the moment.

I look at the clock–8:10. It’s time to go. I get up and put my dishes away, grab my things, and walk outside into the brisk autumn air. The day begins.


Student at the University of Michigan studying Art & Design and Communications, hoping to create meaningful design for social impact.

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