High School Musical’s Alluring Nostalgia

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High School Musical: a vestige of 2000’s pop culture. Known to nearly all Americans of Generations Y and Z, for me, the film trilogy has been a staple of my childhood.

I recently re-experienced the nostalgia of quirky musical numbers, spontaneous choreography, and a bright, humorous cast when thinking about Halloween costumes. (Yes, I am going to be Troy Bolton this year). Whether you related to Troy, the jock heartthrob, the “einsteinette” and love interest Gabriella, the popular queen bee Sharpay, or the shy but gifted composer Kelsey, there was always a favorite character for every kid.

For those unacquainted with High School Musical, it comprises a story of a boy struggling to reconcile his love for both singing and basketball, and being with Gabriella while some of his friends become unsupportive. The second movie deals with the friend group’s adventures working at a country club over the summer, and the third deals with the stress of senior year before college. Overall, the films are fun, energetic, and sometimes even show deep emotion. Although some have scorned High School Musical as lacking depth and musical complexity, it is quite literally an adolescent series intended for young fans. With that in mind, I believe the films address topics such as the discrepancies between love, family, friends, and passion.

With a series of three movies spanning from 2006 to 2008, High School Musical was a smash hit among children and tweens alike. Some even likened it to a modern adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. If you want a nice, nostalgia-filled pick-me-up, consider watching High School Musical and immerse yourself in that sweet, sweet childhood.


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