Malaa at the Russell Industrial Center

Every time I drive to Detroit, I see this enormous mural but I never knew what was inside. On Friday night, I learned. I bought tickets to see Zendlo, Golf Clap & Malaa perform and the venue listed “Russell Industrial Center at 1600 Clay Street, Detroit Michigan.” I googled the location and honestly I was a little skeptical. I have been to many concerts, but never a concert at this place.

So my companion and I drive into a regulated parking system and find ourselves into the closed in center lot between the towering structures of the Russell. It is dark and unfamiliar. There is a water tower stacked on the very top of the building. We peer through the windows and see giant empty spaces. We follow the sound of the music to a door illuminated by red and white lights to be greeted by enthusiastic staff and reassuring security. I learn that this place a gathering site that can suit anything from art studios, music studios, galleries, exhibitions, concerts, weddings, motion pictures, and really any creative event. It’s wicked cool how many people also knew to come to this seemingly dilapidated, vacant, broken-glassed industrial building off of Chrysler Freeway for a hub of a variety of arts. By 1am, the cold space had filled with bassheads and house music that made the night feel timeless. And man what a night! You might be able to see the outside, but you can’t judge a place until you know what’s inside.


Only an hour drive from Ann Arbor and what a different world. Check it out:


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