Not a Blue Wave, But Historic Victories

credit: NowThis/itsjarms

I’m sure you’ve been paying attention to the recent midterm elections, which occurred this past Tuesday. I certainly hoped you exercised your civil rights to vote (no matter how screwed you think we are or aren’t)! People have said that this election cycle could change the future of America and perhaps even democracy itself. Many Americans are worried about the future state of the country, including myself. When tyrannical presidents threaten the nation into near fascism, it’s essential to speak up and effect change.

Tuesday marked a landmark election day, even though the supposed Blue Wave was not as successful as expected. In one of the most watched Senate races, Texas conservative Ted Cruz claimed re-election over the Democrat Beto O’Rourke, who lost by only a few percent. While Republicans maintained their hold on the Senate, Democrats claimed the majority of the House. With the majority blue, possibilities for impeachment become closer to reality.

Despite the undermining of democratic institutions in today’s harsh political climate, there were unprecedented wins for diverse candidates: voters were able to send the first Muslim women, Native American women, and LGBTQ+ women to Congress. The first openly gay man was elected Governor in Colorado. These historic wins represent a tide turning in the United States. Maybe people are more accepting than previously thought, and can look beyond ideological differences to vote for candidates who present political competence. We can work toward a more inclusive, democratic, and informative political environment. And hopefully, real changes will be made effectively and quickly.


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