Winter Blues

As the snow and cold descend upon Ann Arbor, it’s easy to be affected by the weather. At least for me, I know that the earlier darkness and bitter cold make it harder to get outside and leave my warm bed. It can be difficult to both literally and figuratively see the sunshine.

It seems as if the first autumn leaves had just dropped, and winter is still more than a month away. Yet, you can’t escape the ice when walking to class. I am a fan of snow, at first–the beautiful flakes falling from the sky, the jubilance upon seeing the first blanket of white. After a few days, it becomes a nuisance to clean and avoid the dirty slush piled up on the sidewalks.

Of course, there are good things about winter, like any other season. There’s the holiday season, cheesy movies, and the coziness of cuddling up in a big blanket with loved ones. Every season is distinct, yet provides a different perspective on life. Even though winter may be dark and cold, it’s important to remember the positives: it harbors a period of change. Spring will bloom after the storm.

Some reminders to carry you through the winter: bundle up, listen to your favorite music, cozy up with a hot beverage, spend time with friends and family, and remember to get some exercise and eat well. Although the seasons change every few months, be sure to enjoy them while they last!


Student at the University of Michigan studying Art & Design and Communication & Media, hoping to create meaningful design for social impact. Every week I highlight an intriguing artist (or group of artists)!

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