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Big Mouth is an adult animated show based on comedian Nick Kroll’s tweenage years. The star-studded cast boasts the voices of John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, Jenny Slate, and Jordan Peele for instance. The Netflix series features a wayward cast of Nick and his best friend Andrew, their friends Jessi, Missy, Jay, talking pillows, strange parents, older siblings, and of course, the dreaded Hormone Monsters. Other recurring members weave in and out of episodes including an incompetent but well-meaning gym teacher, the ghost of Duke Ellington, and Jay’s talking pitbull.

The tweenage characters each have a hormone monster, which serves to guide them through puberty. Yet the monsters often get into trouble, acting as impulsive influences. Each episode features an awkwardly honest look into growing up, entailing all of the things that come with middle school changes: masturbation and sex included.

At first glance, the show seemed immature and borderline disgusting–you can imagine some of the scenes that happen when two 12 year old boys are the main characters. But as I ventured into the second season, I recognized the hilarity and value of such cringeworthy scenes, which highlight a universally relatable time in middle school. As much as we try to repress these memories, they form an important phase in our lives.

Characters struggle with their own identities while growing up, and face drug use, bullying, sexuality, and depression to name a few issues. Big Mouth is brutally honest yet simultaneously nonsensical at times. If you haven’t yet, I recommend watching Big Mouth for at least a few episodes to relive your best and worst prepubescent memories.



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