Who is Big Chungus?

Recently, a meme has circulated the internet featuring a gluttonous Bugs Bunny named “Big Chungus.” The character was originally shown in the cartoon Wabbit Twouble from 1941, and has become massively popular in the past few months despite its brief resurfacing in 2017 on Reddit.

The word “chungus” was allegedly created by Jim Sterling in 2012, a freelance video game writer, who incorporated the word in various articles, and is defined as “meaning anything and everything.” Redditors in 2018 then ascribed the term “Big Chungus” to the image of obese Bugs Bunny photoshopped onto a Playstation 4 video game cover.

Now, memes of the absolute unit Chungus have morphed into jokes internet-savvy users spread across social media channels, such as a lovechild of Big Chungus and Ugandan Knuckles, or Big Chungus appearing in various movie scenes for example.

Although the meaning of Big Chungus still remains elusive, it illustrates the absurd creativity of the internet, spreading nonsensical jokes with no apparent value except to bring joy to viewers. Who is next?


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big chungus is de wae