The Magic of the KonMari Method

If you’re an avid Netflix-watcher, life-organizer, or overall tidy-enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of the KonMari Method. Developed by expert, author, and star of the new series “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” this method of cleaning is aimed to transform your living space and your life. In the new Netflix show, Marie and a translator visit a new family each episode, and help them to organize various belongings and get rid of junk. I, for one, am drawn to Marie’s respectful and orderly fashion; it appears that everything she says and does has a clear purpose. At the end, the participants find themselves happier, and their relationships are stronger, also bringing joy to the viewer. Who knew that this show could be so alluring? (I may have spent three hours cleaning my dorm room after watching a few episodes).

The simple approach centers around this philosophy: if the item does not spark joy, throw it out (after you thank it!). It also encourages people to start with clothes, then books, miscellaneous items, and finally sentimental items.

On first glance, the KonMari Method seems extremely simple; I was a skeptic at first–why is the concept of tidying up driving everyone wild? The central idea of KonMari speaks volumes to people around the world to change their lifestyles and declutter. Its effectiveness comes from the significance Kondo places on mindfulness. A lot of times people find themselves accumulating things they don’t use over the years, piling up in their homes. Taking the KonMari approach allows you to reflect on your belongings and life experiences, while moving on to a new chapter.

So, take some time to relax, tune in to Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, and perhaps go to town on your living space after. And don’t forget to be thankful!


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