Reading Party

How do you incorporate creativity into your social life?

Tonight, I’m heading to a friend’s house for a “Reading Party.”

Beverages and snacks are included of course.

For the first 30-40 minutes we are to engage in silent reading with a book of our choice, then move on to an open mic session where people are invited to play instruments, read something, sing, act, etc.. In a way it’s kind of like the anti-house-party. It’s still a social gathering, but it gives people to focus on themselves and engage in sharing art.

It’s still a “party” though, so it’s necessary to end the night with some karaoke.

A few blocks away, my girlfriend’s co-op is hosting a “progressive” party, meaning that the house collectively agrees to a party theme and each person decorates their room to fit their own interpretation of the theme. Everyone in the house starts in the same room and progresses to the next room at the same time. Tonight the progressive theme is “Powerpoint Presentations.” The prompt exists on its own with no rules or limitations, so everyone in the house is able to get creative with their decorations and in-room activities.

I think the key to a really great party is a solid theme. I would argue that dedication to a theme allows both the party planners and guests to express themselves in creative ways that they would not otherwise have. My roommate turned 21 this week, so tomorrow we’re hosting a disco party for her in our basement. As hosts we have the responsibility of turning our dingy basement into a boogie haven, and guests will only be allowed to enter if they are dressed for the disco.

In this current pre-Spring Break slump, it’s important that students find ways to relax on the weekends. Even though many of us are still busy, we have a little bit more time in the day to practice self-care. I think socializing is a really important aspect of self-care, and attending/hosting parties/hangs with friends is an easy way to accomplish that. Adding a creative twist or theme can make the whole experience all the more memorable.

There are also plenty of ways to practice creativity that have nothing to do with socializing or partying. What are you doing this weekend?

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