Moral Compass

I’m sure most of us have lost our way even with our moral compass in sight. Even so, that is the point of a compass, to guide us to the right way even as we stray away from the path. Our moral compass can be our religion, principles, values and beliefs we hold close to heart.

For me, my moral compass is mostly composed of my religion. Some times I’m glad I never really had to decide what I feel about certain things because my faith has decided that those things are not okay to do. But even so, it demands me to be kind, compassionate and forgiving towards those whose actions I don’t necessarily condone. My faith demands that I do not judge people for their actions, because I don’t have the whole picture.

Even as I err, I don’t condone my own mistakes or actions. I don’t tell other people it’s okay to do certain things, because it simply isn’t (in consideration of my own principles and beliefs). I believe people should be smart enough to make their own decisions based off their own personal choices and after some rumination.

Morality is relative. However, be sure to know that even if you stray away, you can always refer back to your moral compass or change the direction of your moral compass, if the need arises.

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