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tampopo is a film about the unifying power of ramen noodles. i watched it with a group of friends around three years ago, so my memory might be a bit hazy! it’s a funny frisky family-affirming fantastic foodie film for you and me and everyone on this planet that enjoys eating great food! tampopo tells a series of vignettes (with one overarching main story) that illustrates the connective and very human element of food – something so intrinsically a part of the human experience that it’s used as a potent symbol for familial love, class distinction, and sex. not to mention, the main story is a heartwarming glow-up for our main character Tampopo, who learns how to make noodles like the legends. a whole bunch of strange men show up in her life, but they all teach her the secret techniques of ramen – which includes crafty ways to obtain your competitor’s recipes.

i am very tired and the film is also very unironically funny! it’s even been described as a “ramen western,” or a parody of the classic western cowboy tale. tampopo exudes a very unique charm to it – stylistically, all of the “cool retro japan” feel is present, but it’s really how genuine and unpretentious the tone of the movie is that makes it such an entertaining watch. at its core, tampopo is about the simplistic joys, and sometimes sorrows, of life! a dying mother gets up one final time to do what she’s always done for her beloved family – cook them a great meal. a storeowner stalks a pesky “fly” as a swatter, but is made absurd by metaphorizing the fly as a full grown woman who can’t help but touch all the fruit. a gang member purchases a raw oyster from a woman on the beach, cuts his lip, and they kiss – a stand-in for sex. all of these vignettes seem a bit random and jarring when you’re first watching tampopo, but it ends up painting a really endearing message about humanity’s interpersonal relationships and how they can all pertain with food.


watch it!!!! im going to bed!

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