A Writer’s Block

The worst of all feelings for a writer. Writing is easy, its always the ideas that are hard. When one is inspired, great things, ideas and thoughts can flow easily from mind to paper. But when you’re stuck with a deadline looming, all you can do is hope, pray and mull over your worries. The anxiety over the unwritten is real.

“The reason I admire writers is that they have the ability to come up with things to write”, someone commented. To be forthcoming, I don’t know how I come up with ideas to write about. They usually come in the shower, or when I am sitting quietly doing something else and suddenly it creeps upon me, tugging at me to put it into words. Things are easy when I have ideas. I can edit them, change them around and structure them beautifully. Nevertheless, all is difficult when I have none to write about.

These are moments when you start doubting your ability to write. “Am I even good enough as a writer?”. You doubt your abilities to conjure something good if you can’t even come up with something good to write about. This challenge is definitely one of the hardest ones I’ve ever (and am still) facing as a writer.

Till then, I’ll keep on daydreaming till better ideas for material come to me.

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