The Joys of Lint Rolling (Seriously)

I can’t believe I had gone through 18 years of my life without ever using a lint roller. The first time I ever picked up the ergonomic handle of the roller was when I borrowed my freshman year roommate’s, out of her collection of numerous lint-picking devices. It was life changing, and lint rollers are now a mainstaple of my closet.

Lint rollers have the main purpose of getting lint and hair out of your clothing, making them look presentable and fresh. My clothes used to look dusty and worn, but were now rejuvenated by the absence of lint. For some reason, it’s so satisfying to look at the sticky paper afterward and revel in the cleanliness of your new lint-free fabrics. The process of lint rolling can be likened to popular relaxing behaviors such as folding clothes, or peeling off a face mask, or even organizing stationery for some people. There are even dedicated videos to lint rolling ASMR.

Little did I know that lint rollers actually serve a number of purposes besides, obviously, picking up lint. They can be used to clean bags, pick up hair, especially if you shed a lot like me, clean up glitter/confetti/paper, reach debris from inside your drawers, refresh furniture, and clean nearly any other ordinary item.

If your clothes are looking a little less than new, PICK UP A LINT ROLLER AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


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