lunch culture

An integral part of a country’s culture is its FOOD!! I made a point to take a photo with my lunch in front of the view in front of me to capture the ~flavor~ of the culture and my surroundings. Here is an exhibition of some examples from my food travels.

Jamón y queso: Ronda, Spain

Jamón y queso: Granada, Spain

Jamón y queso: Salobreña beach, Spain

Jamón y queso: Sevilla, Spain

Bratwurst: Munich, Germany

Pastéis de Nata (too yummy to wait for a more notable view outside the shop, though these tiles capture the magnificent colors of the city scape): Lisbon, Portugal

Crepe with bananas and chocolate: Paris, France

Chocolate croissant: Norte Dame Cathedral (photo taken on April 13, 2019, two days before the fire), Paris, France

Jamón y queso: Cabo de Gata, Spain


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