Starting Film Photography

After admiring film photography from my friends’ instagram, I decided that I wanted to try it out too. I was excited by the process, slowing down to take pictures, to think about it and most importantly, accepting my mistakes openly. I also really liked the aesthetics. So when I traveled to NYC, I stopped at the local camera store to check it some cameras out and I bought myself a Pentax K1000.

One of my friends’ husband, Brad, asked me why I wanted to get into film. Being a photographer himself, he was puzzled by my decision. “It’s not the same as digital,” I told him. He told me tales of having to wait weeks until you get the results back as well as labs who mismanage and cut or don’t return your negatives. “You could just use a filter to get the same look ,” he said. Though I agreed with him, I didn’t think I would feel the same satisfaction as taking it with film.

The first mistake I made after sending out the first roll to be developed was that I did not attach the roll properly. Thus I sent a blank roll. Bless the shop for giving me a partial refund. The second roll had mistakes too and I did not set the proper ISO according to the film. Nonetheless, I am now currently on my third roll so hopefully this one turns out well.

Film used: Kodak 200 Gold

Picture 1: my favorite coffee shop

Picture 2: seen at the Ann Arbor Art Fair

Picture 3:taken at Church st,

Picture 4: taken of a shop at Nickels Arcade

Picture 5: my bedroom window and a light leak seen when I exposed the film to light

Picture 6: East Quad’s roof during sunset



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