Simple, Bright, Beautiful: The Work of Kurzgesagt

I may be fairly late to the game, but a couple months ago I discovered Kurzgesagt, a Munich-based animation studio that makes informative YouTube videos and brilliant artwork. The studio’s signature style is based off of rounded shapes and vibrant colors, and means “in a nutshell.” Their beautiful videos showcase their dedication to knowledge, producing impressive animations about scientific subjects such as space, technology, and biology. At first, I thought it was a single artist behind the amazing creations, but discovered it is in fact a stacked team of art directors, illustrators, and producers working behind the scenes.

In addition to producing popular YouTube videos, the group also works as a creative design agency, creating illustrations, branding, merchandise, and graphic design solutions for clients (notably the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!).

There is something simply mesmerizing about the studio’s simplistic style–its rich use of color and boldness. I have noticed many illustrators borrowing Kurzsegagt’s artistic style, but the original agency stands out for its consistency and passion for education. Be sure to check out Kurzgesagt’s beautiful work on their channel and below!

What if We Detonated All the Bombs at Once?


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Optimistic Nihilism


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The Great Filter




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