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Watching house shows, from Fixer Upper to Selling NYC, are always a great watch for me. I usually like to watch the process of buying a house rather than fixing up a house, since the couples/family usually have to prioritize what features of a home that they would like in their newest buy. You also get to compare houses and if you’re like me, you’re always hoping that they choose the house you like. 

After watching many of these shows, I start to notice more features that I wouldn’t normally notice in a house. Features such as popcorn ceiling, Jack-and-Jill bathrooms, baseboards and skylights are new terms I learnt whilst watching these shows. Even my youngest sister once pointed out whilst we were driving near the neighborhood that one of the houses had “character”.

Some of the shows feature tiny houses, such as the show Tiny House, Big Living. They typically showcase a house which is sort of like a trailer, it can be hooked up to a car and moved around. These houses would have a kitchen, bathroom and bed, all at an average size of 180 square feet. Some of these houses feature a composting toilet, a type of toilet I know exists in the Dana building but have yet to set foot in it. Besides that, I find it fascinating that people elect to live in a small space, acknowledging that most of their time will be spent outdoors anyway. Another perk of living in a tiny house is that you won’t be tied to a hefty mortgage in the years to come as they cost anywhere between $10,000-$180,000, a whole lot less than what typical houses cost.

In the future, I hope watching these house shows help me decide what kind of house I would want when buying one. A lesson I learnt from watching these shows is: location, location, location!

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