break from AA

In the past summer, I traveled to two cities, New York city and Seattle. In Seattle, I was prompted to write this poem, finally understanding that I needed a break from being in Ann Arbor to appreciate it (I worked a part time job in Ann Arbor). Seattle was nothing short of great and the University of Washington provided that nice balance of living near a city and living near nature simultaneously. The mountains in the distance were beautiful and breathtaking.

I loved being in both cities. The experience was new, exciting and it always made me wonder in an alternate universe what would have happened had I gone to college near a city (I seriously think I’d be distracted by going out every weekend).

Regardless, at the end of every vacation I took, after exploring the nooks and crannies of each city, I pined for Ann Arbor and really missed it. And I realized all along, that I loved this town.

Fall Break is coming so go home. Spend time with friends and family. And let yourself miss Ann Arbor.


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Joey H
4 months 17 days ago

Sometimes it’s helpful to get away to gain a new perspective. But Ann Arbor is a great place to call home!