An Autumn in University

in a flurry,

before anyone notices,

the leaves begin to fall 

crunch under the boots

perfect jumps to get them right under the sole,

for that satisfying crunch

sweaters in the morning that transform

 into tees by mid-day

silent classrooms of students taking exams

papers flipping, pencil scratches being made,

teachers walking down the aisles,

the tension could be cut with a knife

waiting for the time to finish, and also to keep on going,

for that one problem that seems unsolvable

but is on the brink of the mind,

almost teetering on the exit 

perhaps it will drip into the paper

perhaps not, either way

exams are forgotten as soon as they are handed in

can’t even remember a question a friend is asking about

 in the midst of 

going home and 

apple cider and 

donuts and 


nothing matters when you’re happy and the 

feeling of autumn

envelopes you in its embrace.


Hi there! My name is Aina and I'm a student at the University of Michigan. While I plan to major in Computer Science/Engineering, the arts have always been a huge passion of mine. I'll be contributing my poetry to arts, ink, which I couldn't be happier doing. I enjoy pretty much all realms of writing and often find myself writing poetry in the notes app on my phone (amongst shopping lists, to-do's, and passwords). I've lived in Michigan all my life and find it so cool how there's a whole different world in a place I've known. When I'm not writing poetry, you'll probably find me doodling away in the margins of my math notebook. I hope you enjoy all I have to contribute!

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Nur Sarah
4 months 9 days ago

Hello, just curious but are you a Malaysian by any chance?