New Season, New Experiences, New to College

It’s fall ya’ll.

The season is finally here. The one filled with crisp air, changing leaves, everything pumpkin flavored, hot cider and doughnuts, apple picking, and spending time with friends or family. It’s my favorite season. But it feels so different here than it does back home 8 hours away in upstate New York.

Instead of eating homemade pumpkin ice cream at our local creamery, I’m eating the dining hall’s pumpkin flavored whoopie  pies. Instead of going to corn mazes and on haunted hayrides, I got stuck with a cider mill where you can’t even pick your own apples, and the pumpkins weren’t even grown on the site. Instead of spending my fall birthday with my twin brother, I spent it 439 miles away from him.

That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed it here. I’ve gotten to decorate one of my classrooms for Halloween and explore the restaurants in Ann Arbor.  Plus being here provides new activities like venturing to the Big House for game days (I thought Michigan was supposed to be good at football?).

I guess the take away from this is just that college is different than home. I knew it would be, but trying to mentally prepare ahead of time doesn’t make it any less of an adjustment. I’ve been here for a month and half now and I’m figuring things out as I go. Whether you’re a freshman like I am, or an upperclassmen,  I’m sure many of you are still figuring stuff out too.

That’s my goal with my posts on this blog this year:  I’ll be creating some kind of doodle along with writing to keep track of events from my freshman year, big or small, that were important to me that week, or taught me something, or were just fun memories. Things that hopefully you can relate to as well. We’ll figure this college thing out together as we go through the year. Hopefully my sketches will improve with the practice too!


Hi! I’m a freshman in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, studying Theatre Design and Production. I’m so excited to be studying something that combines my two biggest hobbies: theatre and art. But when I’m not doing either of those, you’ll probably find me reading, exploring the outdoors, or taking a nap. Follow along with my college experience through my blog posts. Thanks for reading!

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2 years 2 days ago

Welcome to Michigan! As a fellow out-of-state student, 2500 miles from home, I can sympathize with the whole culture shock of being in Ann Arbor. It gets easier, for the most part. Hope you have a great freshman year!