The Books of Hatcher Library

Walk the stacks of Hatcher,

all the history it contains

Up and down the hallways, 

marvel at what remains


Centuries worth of books,

all sitting there in dust

Many of them never picked,

thankfully cannot rust


Their wordsmiths have come and gone,

the books as ever young

Their words sit upon these musty shelves,

their contents remain unsung


We talk and talk and hope one is listening,

to know that we exist

Like us, these books want to be heard,

it is our eyes that they have missed


Close your eyes and pick a book,

leave your texts unsent

The books are celebrating your arrival,

they appreciate the time spent


Read the book in an open field,

where flowers are so merry

Where the sun shines upon its spine,

where it isn’t a dark library


Walk the stacks of Hatcher

 when you have some time to spare

The books yearn to be opened, 

they wish to feel the sweet summer air


Hi there! My name is Aina and I'm a student at the University of Michigan. While I plan to major in Computer Science/Engineering, the arts have always been a huge passion of mine. I'll be contributing my poetry to arts, ink, which I couldn't be happier doing. I enjoy pretty much all realms of writing and often find myself writing poetry in the notes app on my phone (amongst shopping lists, to-do's, and passwords). I've lived in Michigan all my life and find it so cool how there's a whole different world in a place I've known. When I'm not writing poetry, you'll probably find me doodling away in the margins of my math notebook. I hope you enjoy all I have to contribute!

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