A Rainy Halloween

For some students, Halloween presented a choice between responsibility and fun. With a test the next day, I had to prioritize academics. Not going to lie, it was rough having to study while hearing others chatting excitedly outside my dorm room. I did relish in the fact, however, that I wouldn’t have to venture out into the cold and rainy weather.

But what about everyone that did go outside? Were their costumes ruined, made soggy by the rain? Not everyone had a car or took an Uber. There were plenty of college-aged party goers holding onto their coats —if they wore them, that is—trying their best to ignore the brisk and biting winds. After all, it was so cold that the rain was followed by snow.

And what about the kids back home? I imagined make-up that was turned runny from raindrops and costumes that were shielded with rain jackets and winter coats. There were inevitably families that decided to stay in for the evening, choosing to stay warm and host a Halloween extravaganza within their own homes. With the weather hindering trick-or-treaters, they would have the candy they had bought anyways.

Other families most likely journeyed out into the cold for even just a little bit; this way, they wouldn’t have to feel so conflicted between the less-than-stellar weather and the temptation of sugary treaties. Trick-or-treating for a short time would mean gathering enough candy to feel weight in a pumpkin bucket without truly get soaked from the rain. Happy parents and happy kids⁠—well, as happy as possible with the weather conditions.

And then there were the candy victors that thrived on the rainy night. These little (or not so little⁠—I’m looking at you, high schoolers) monsters had worked hard on their costumes and wanted their candy. What difference did a little rain or wet hair make? These kids ambled up and down driveways with quick steps and pride. When it was time to head home, you bet there was rejoicing. Boots sloshed with each step and costumes were damp and cold, but it was all worth it to see the piles of sugar poured onto the ground. Stomach aches and sugar rushes were the culmination of a rainy, Halloween night.

Elizabeth S

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