Basil + Gideon #3: Spooky Season is Over??

Happy belated Halloween!

I wanted to try my hand at drawing something spooky since I’ve never done anything along the lines of a horror comic before. To do a bit of writerly reflection on the horror genre: to me it seems horror is an exaggerated management of rate of revelation. Horror tends to carefully balance the knowledge afforded to the audience to draw them into the climactic scare at which point the audience understands what they should be scared of and, hopefully, the story is all the scarier for it. What’s worse: the unknown horrors or the horrible truth?

Basil + Gideon is an ongoing narrative comic, if this is your first time reading check out the first installment here!


A local wizard risen from the deep woods to study literature, think about writing, and make narrative comics about boys lost in those selfsame woods.

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