The NYC Experience

After escaping to NYC for a weekend to bring my aunt and her colleague around, I became drained after going to typical touristy areas (i.e. Times Square, 5th Avenue, Central Park). Since this is my 4th time here, I can generally conclude a few places you can go if you want a more low key relaxing experience.

  1. Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn – Coffee shops abound here and cute small stores you can stroll leisurely in and out of. It’s also a lot less hectic than Manhattan. The shops here are also well decorated and you can find various murals peeking out here and there.
  2. New York University area– Situated nearby Washington Square Park, this area has a lot of great places to check out, from the Strand Book Store, Greenwich Village and the university itself.
  3. Soho – has various branded clothing stores, especially ones you’ve never heard of. This is a somewhere to go if you enjoy sightseeing, checking out the store front decorations and discover new clothing brands.
  4. Brooklyn Heights– filled with posh neighborhoods, Brooklyn Heights is where you can come to admire the architecture and walk to the nearby waterfront Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  5. Musuem of Modern Art – though it is a popular attraction, it houses various rotating exhibitions and has the Starry Night by Van Gogh on display. Come here during weekdays when there are less visitors and spend the time musing the myriad of artwork here!

I’m not saying you can’t visit the more touristy areas such as Times Square. By all means, do it. These are just fun places to escape to and enjoy the scenery without 20 people elbowing you out of the way.

Honorable mentions: West Village, Greenwich Village, Greenpoint.


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