The Poetry Snapshot: Changing Perspectives

Think about your future.
Plan long-term.
Dream big.

It’s important to have a north star,
providing you a direction to follow in life.

But it’s easy to get lost in all the noise.

People talking about their accomplishments,
their goals, and their motivations.

They are not coming
from a place of malintent,
but they all make me anxious.

Mailbox Peak © Neha Allathur Photography

They make me nervous that
I am not taking the right path in life.

Stressed that there is no
‘try again’ button in the real world.

Yes, you should have a north star,
but focus on your current path.

If you never look up from your compass,
you’re bound to run into a tree.

Immerse yourself
in the path you’re taking
and in the moment you’re in.

Keep the short-term goals in focus
and pay attention to the space you’re in.

– A small reminder to myself.


Student studying Business and minoring in the School of Social Work. Passionate about documenting the world around us--the environment, the culture, and the people--through photography and poetry!

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