“what is art?” Post #9 – Helicon Student Art Exhibition

Last night at 101 W. Liberty St. the one-night student art exhibition, Spilt Milk, was showcased by the student art org. Helicon. Supported by the Art History department at the U of M, Helicon thrives by connecting people with art-related events and social platforms. Helicon hosts two student art exhibitions and prints two publications during the school year. 

This past semester I joined Helicon because my friend who is an art history major encouraged me to. When I joined I understood what the club’s message was and what they do during the year, however, I didn’t realize how many opportunities there would be for me to help and contribute towards. I grew from being a new member in September to being actively involved with the club now. I helped with the publication release in October and these past couple of weeks I have provided efforts for the exhibition and displayed four of my own pieces in the show. 


Being apart of Helicon has taught me logistical skills like how to get people to submit work for the publication and/or exhibition and how to put together an art show. However, Helicon’s most rewarding benefit is the community it invites you into. Helicon somehow has built a community of students from all different majors and an interest in art. They all want to share the beauty in the variety of what art can be and create outreach for students to come and learn about it. The club enables like-minded people to come together and share their love for their arts as well as growing their community. 


Yesterday night’s show was a success and perfect example of how Helicon draws in a crowd with its diverse artwork. Held in a loft, the exhibition included small prints to large installation pieces about the agriculture food industry. Helicon included two projected pieces and had a dj and musician. People were able to walk through two different rooms and dance in the main room while observing the artwork. The lively energy filled the room with excitement. The exhibition also included zines that the audience could take with them on their way out. 

Although Helicon just had our show that does not mean we are at rest. We are constantly figuring out ways to further connect students on campus and thinking of ideas for our next publication and exhibition. Look out for us on Facebook and Instagram in the upcoming months to see how you can join the community and/or contribute as well as for pictures of last night’s show. 


P.S. We meet every Monday at 8pm in Tappan Hall so come and join!



sophomore studying Art & Design looking to start a conversation this semester about what art is, what it may be, what it can be, etc., in hopes to expand people's knowledge on how art consumes our lives

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