The Backstage Experience Part 2

This past week was the tech week of the fourth show I’ve done crew for this semester. That means that for four weeks I spent basically everyday from 6pm-12:30am in rehearsals backstage during a performance.

What was different about this one was the energy. I was on costume crew for Musket’s production of the show BARE. BARE is a show I already knew and loved, compared to the other three shows I’ve worked on this semester. Plus all the people involved were so dedicated an excited that it made me extremely happy to be there. BARE was the first show I’ve worked on in college that I’ve felt 100% invested in.

With the other three I just made sure everything with costumes happened correctly, and answered questions/ fixed things if they broke. While I still did that for BARE, there was the added fact that I really cared about the show itself. It made me more invested in the changes and overall process because I knew the story and the the importance of telling it. It was the first time I actually felt the opening night energy and closing show sadness when working on a show here, and that really showed me a lot.

Some of my favorite moments from working on this show were when a quick change (There were many in this show!) would go right and all of us on costume crew would be so excited and proud giving high fives and cheering silently!

If you didn’t get to see BARE you really missed out on some incredible performances by both cast and backstage crew in making the show come together!


Hi! I’m a freshman in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, studying Theatre Design and Production. I’m so excited to be studying something that combines my two biggest hobbies: theatre and art. But when I’m not doing either of those, you’ll probably find me reading, exploring the outdoors, or taking a nap. Follow along with my college experience through my blog posts. Thanks for reading!

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