National Parks, USA.

Stars dot the horizon. We pulled over on Highway 12, stunned by how fast the mountains swallowed the sun as it set. Feeling small surrounded by canyons, we recounted our blessings for being able to go on this trip. One : having the luxury of perspective to compare settings (Malaysia vs here) and two affording great company along the way.

Winter brings in few visitors to these parks. I looked on the bright side, it feels like we’re in untouched land since there are so few people her.“I like the pictures you sent me, they’re different than the Google ones,” my mum commented upon seeing my pictures of snow contrasting against the rocks.

I liked them too.

The general vastness of the rocks towering above forces you slow down. Each hike is scenic, prompting you to savor the view on top. It’s basically an adult’s playground, where you get to explore the nooks and crannies (staying on trail… of course) whilst enjoying the journey to the top.

This journey contained many firsts. It was my first time cooking vegan meat (not bad!) since it was hard to find halal meat and one of our friends is a vegan. To our pleasure, we also discovered that the town Moab, UT has pretty good Asian food and decent entertainment like an Escape room (a group activity where you have to figure out how to escape the room given clues). It was also my first time taking mostly film photographs on a trip.

Since we were found ourselves frequently in areas with no phone service, we played fun car games such as Around the World, Elevator and the Green Glass Door. Guessing the pattern and deciding it made up half the fun, the other half is watching others try to figure it out, watching frustration cross their minds several times.

Nonetheless, a trip I would recommend at least once.

(Photographs taken on Pentax K1000, Kodak Colorplus 200)


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