Two Humans Making (Gorgeous) Things: CW&T

CW&T, the art and design practice of Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy, are a dynamic duo based in Brooklyn. I came across their products while browsing Instagram one day, and have been thinking about it ever since. They develop all kinds of items such as electronic sculptures, pens, installations, apps, and more. The artists and designers, who have a child together, also teach in New York City.

CW&T create projects “that we want to see in the world.” Everything is thoughtfully designed and manufactured to last, and meant to improve the lives of creative people. As a designer myself, I’m allured to the elegant aesthetics and functionality of the products, such as a titanium bookmark pen or a kitchen salt vessel (that comes with matching magazine). Although the products can be quite pricey, it’s the attention to detail and perfection, not to mention the hours of development that goes into them, that makes them totally worth it. The thought and research put into each object is quite incredible (including designing a house in Tokyo 2013-15)!

An interesting part of their work is the emphasis on process – in photos they continuously share the development of a new product. It’s honest and intriguing “obsessive documentation.” Each image is accompanied by a unique naming system, which when decoded contains information about the purpose, date, quantity, material, and more. Even exploring the CW&T website or their colorful Instagram account is a treat for your eyes.



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