The Poetry Snapshot: Community

To your left,
a man with a briefcase
and slick hair.

    Neha Allathur Photography © Nashville, TN

To your right,
a mother with her child
who needs care.

All of you cross the street
without acknowledging each other–
without acknowledging the dramatic lives
each of you have lived–
without realizing how different
your paths have been.

But somehow,
right now,
you all cross the street.

What a magical effort of time,
to bring together people
in such small ways.

People with incredible stories
will cross paths with you
for brief moments.
But we tend to miss out
with all the noise in our own life.

We are strong when we are together.
We grow from each other.
Next time you cross the street,
take a moment to meet
the person passing by.


Student studying Business and minoring in the School of Social Work. Passionate about documenting the world around us--the environment, the culture, and the people--through photography and poetry!

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